'From Start Up To Unstoppable!'

LONDON 7th March 2020


(Full Price tickets will be £197)

Discover leading strategies to start the right business, scale your business, leverage your time, accelerate your profits, attract more customers and finally become a BoomBoss® at work and play!

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Fantastic with Ali at the BoomBoss Training & Networking Day. Incredible 'Aha' Moments and an extremely generous advocate to help you with your business or start up to avoid major pitfalls and increase your return on investment. Book on it as soon as possible, you won't regret it!

Elaine Gill

What an excellent event, my head is buzzing with hints, tips and ideas to put into practice and will really help me get my new business off the ground and heading in the right direction.

Clare McAleese

Ali has the gift of resonating with us all in order to bring out the best in the group and to send us out into the world full of ideas and strategies to take each of our businesses to a whole new level.

Maureen Sydney

The Must Attend Event For BoomBosses - Women Over 50

Who Are Determined To Go From Start Up To Unstoppable With Their Business In The Shortest Possible Time! 

It's difficult to get the results you need in your business if you're unclear what to do, how to do it and when to do it, isn't it?  This one day with Ali will transform how you think about your business/business idea, how you position yourself, the clients you attract and ultimately the amount of money you'll make from you business.


You'll get clarity on what you should do, when you should do it, how much you should do and most importantly how you build momentum to go onwards and upwards.  And how to achieve all this while getting the lifestyle you finally deserve!

Don't Waste Another Second Of Your Life. Start Creating Unstoppable Change, Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit And Learn The Skills You Need Now!

We're About Transformation, Not Information!

  • Your Brand

    Creating captivating personal brands that stand out and win

  • Your Website

    How to have a website that generates leads everyday

  • Your Niche

    Getting crystal clear on your niche and your audience 

  • Your Clients

    How to magnetically attract premium clients

  • Your Authority 

    How to develop your positioning and authority for expert status

  • You

    How to become strong, sassy and sexy and rekindle your personal power!

  • Here's Exactly What We're Going To Be Covering...

    On This Jam-packed Day You're Going To Discover:

    • 5 ways to increase your self worth, avoid that imposter syndrome and the negative feelings that can hold you back so you can stop self sabotaging!

    • How you can maximise your income generation in the shortest possible time.

    • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT step to establish and grow your business quickly and easily

    • How to identify your ideal clients and what you must not do

    • Eleven absolutely essential strategies to establish yourself as the ‘Go-to’ person for your product/service

    • How to attract customers/clients without being salesy, scammy or sleazy!

    • 5 website ‘must-haves’ that will make and save you money (which website designers don’t tell you!)

    • An introduction to the latest online marketing methods that transform your business and your profits

    • How to focus and 10 top time management tips to squeeze more from your day

    • The opportunity to network with like-minded women who can totally relate to the challenges and opportunities you face

    • The opportunity to introduce your business/idea to the group

    • If you have a business already, the chance to have your website critiqued by me and the rest of the group – an invaluable opportunity you won’t get anywhere else and which could be transformational for your business!

    • And finally... leave with a determination to reinvent, reinvigorate and implement!

    Who Is This Event For?

    It is exclusively for women over 50 who are determined to have a successful business that gives them the lifestyle they desire and deserve.


    You will connect with like-minded women who are keen to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves and their lives, who refuse to be defined by their age. 


    Whether you already have a business or are considering starting one this action-packed training will fast track your skills and knowledge.  It will save you all the heartache, time and money that we often waste because we don't know what we don't know! 


    So if you are struggling to started, are frustrated by the rate of progress or wanting to accelerate your profits and grow your business then this is a must attend event.


    You'll be able to network with like-minded women with whom you can relate and you will be amazed at what you learn and how much you will enjoying being inthe training room again!


    BoomBoss Women In Business 

    BoomBoss® is a movement of like-minded women, just like you - the new you going forwards. A BoomBoss® is a woman over 50 who is in control of her own destiny, schedule, priorities and lifestyle.  She's her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent.


    We are women who may be over 50 but refuse to be overlooked.    We are NOT WASTING another second of over lives....We’re going to STAY IN THE GAME. We know we are capable of SO MUCH MORE than where we are right now. We’re busy REINVIGORATING AND REINVENTING ourselves. We recognise that it's not just business. It's PERSONAL.


    Is that you?  If so you need to attend this event. Become a BoomBoss®, Discover your inner fearless, the new you going forwards, after 50, with the desire and determination to make the most of the second bite of the cherry; the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to put aside doubts, fears, excuses, and at last become your own CEO, at work and play.


     Ultimately it's a mentality the woman over 50 can choose to step into, putting aside all self-doubt, fears and excuses!


    We are becoming a global movement - join us at this exclusive training and networking event - Because you are worth it and you can do it!

    We Are #BoomBosses

    • A BoomBoss® Is In Control Of Her Destiny 

    • A BoomBoss® Refuses To Be Over 50 And Overlooked

    • A BoomBoss® Is Busy Reinvigorating And Reinventing Herself

    • A BoomBoss® Is In Control Of Her Schedule, Priorities And Lifestyle

    • A BoomBoss® Is Her Own CEO, At Work And Play

    • A BoomBoss® knows how to market and grow her business

    • A BoomBoss® has the latest marketing strategies at her fingertips to generate more customers whenever she wants

    Recent Event Testimonials  

    Here's Why This Event Is 5 Star Rated...  

    Hi, I'm Ali Miles-Jenkins...

    Imagine waking up every day, living the kind of life you've always dreamed of...being your own boss. 


    A life on your terms, an extraordinary life, that'll allow you to work when and where you want. 


    I've successfully done that for the last 30 years and I've had a £1million business. 


    I'm now dedicating the rest of my working life to helping women like you set up and grow booming businesses, using your life experience, skills, knowledge and expertise.  You too can become your own successful CEO at work and play.


    I've had an amazing time, won awards, become an author and helped more than 50,000 people worldwide. I've earned more than I ever thought possible by using my expertise, working when and where I want.  I now lead a group of more than 5,600 women who are determined to become BoomBosses® - women that get on and do and make a difference in this important phase in their lives when there's still so much to achieve!


    There were a lot of things I did wrong and a lot of things I did right. However you don't need to go through those decades of trial and error. Let's face it - if you are a woman over 50 you need to get going and achieve results as quickly as possible don't you?


    I can help you get a successful business up and running in the shortest period of time when you replicate my proven techniques to becoming your own boss! 


    I can show you exactly how to channel your passion, your life experience and expertise to earn what you are worth. Working when and where you want!  AND if you have a business already I can help go on to even greater success...


    I'd love you to join me on this important, potentially life-changing 'From Start Up To Unstoppable" training and networking event.


    So hope to see you there


    Love Ali xx

    Join The Ranks Of Your Fellow #BoomBosses Who've Taken Control Of Their Destiny...

    Is this event suitable for women who've already got an established business?

    Absolutely, this event is designed for women who already have an established business by giving them the right tools, strategies and tactics to help grow to the next level.   

    I am starting my business at the moment, is this for me?

    I want to start a business but I’m not sure where to start?

    I have a business idea, but I haven’t started yet, is this right for me?

    When And Where

    Live In Central London 10am - 4.45pm

    These events always sell out and once all tickets have been sold this page will be taken down, so be sure to reserve your seat today to avoid missing out.

    Central London


    7-9 Bream's Buildings London

    7th March 2020

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    Tea, Coffee and Light Lunch Included 

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