Run By Award-Winning Business Expert For Women Over 50

Ali Miles-Jenkins

This Exclusive Event Shows You Step-By-Step How To Set Up Your Own Profitable Business For Just £99! 

Attend The Event For Just £99 To Secure Your Seat 

Limited Places Available  

I'm helping women over 50 quickly turn their life experience and expertise into their own lucrative businesses, working when and where they want, to secure the lifestyle they deserve.


I will show you exactly how to channel your passion, your life experience and expertise to earn what you are worth. You'll be able to earn more and work less. 


If You're Dreaming Of Becoming Your Own Boss...


I'm looking for women who want that second bite of the cherry and get clarity on their business idea to join me at my offices from 10am - 4.30pm. 

Here's what we'll cover:

Session 1:

How I've Run A £1m Business For 30 Years
And How You Can Run A Lucrative Expert Based Business Too...Without Making The Many Mistakes I Made Along The Way.

In 2016 I developed and tested a very special business programme that's now helped hundreds of women over 50 to quickly set up a successful, profitable business of their choosing. 


I turned my business experience and expertise into a unique success formula which has already enabled these women over 50 to fulfil their dreams of becoming their own boss. 


I'm going to share my story that'll open up and inspire you to the possibility of running your own highly profitable business working when and where you want.


So if you're looking to start running your very own business then join other like minded women on this unique event. 

Session 2:

How To Identify A Profitable Business Idea Of Your Own And Get This Up And Running Within 3 Months.

In this session I'll be revealing my transformational system to becoming the owner of your very own business as quickly as possible. 


I used this system myself for years to attract 100's of clients and work with literally tens of thousands of people to build their careers and their futures.   


This same system has already helped thousands of women over 50 in 36 countries.


This session is life changing whether you are considering setting up a business or already have one and want to be more successful. 

During each of these two sessions I'll be explaining the exact steps you need to take AND I'll also show you real life examples of these strategies in action - so you can go away and implement what you learn immediately.

Event Praise...

This Training Is For You If...

  • You're getting towards the end of your career/retired and are looking to start a business to use your skills and safeguard your financial future. 

  • You've already started a business but you've not yet achieved the success you want. 

  • You're frustrated with the lack of opportunities at work and want to take control of your own future. 

  • You're worried about relying on a pension to provide for your future income and lifestyle.  

  • You're excited about the idea of running your own business but don't know where to start. 

  • You feel you have great knowledge and expertise that could really help people, but don't know how to market that knowledge and expertise and turn it into a real business 

  • Changes in your domestic and personal situation mean it's likely you're going to need an income for the foreseeable future.

  • You don't want to be employed, freelance and you are not interested in franchises or multi-level marketing. 

  • You want freedom and to be your own boss of your very own business, working when and where you want. 

  • You want a system to magnetically attract new customers. 

  • Most importantly you want to learn from Ali who has 30 years tangible experience of running a business and isn't just someone who's learnt the theory and now teaches it to someone else!

By The End Of This Great Value One Day Event You'll Have Discovered: 

  • My most important business secrets which I'll reveal when I take you through my story.

  • How I've generated over £1 million using my expertise and experience to help people all over the world.

  • The one thing and the three key secrets you must know before you set up or expand your business.

  • Ideas on how to turn your unique life experience, skills and expertise into your very own profitable business. 

  • The key steps you then need to take to set up your dream business, quickly and easily.

  • My unique 'P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. To Success' System, to fast track a lucrative business and enjoy a great lifestyle in later life too.

  • Practical ins and outs to go from concept into a life changing reality.

I promise I don't hold back. I give you everything that is possible during this short one day event and in the afternoon you get to ask me as many questions as you want. 

Then finally you get to decide if you want to apply to be one of the women I work with personally on my signature private client programme. If that opportunity is not for you, that's absolutely fine.  You will leave the day with fantastic knowledge and ideas you would not have got anywhere else. 

If you decide you'd love to work with me going forwards on the signature private client programme you can put your ticket price of £99 towards the programme fee.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you limit the numbers? 

The reason we do this is to ensure that great interaction and to maximise your learning experience. 

It is also to ensure that we don't accept those who just want to network or promote their products to others, or who want to steal my intellectual property!

At the end of the Discovery Day if you choose not to continue to work with me then that's absolutely fine.  You will have had a great learning experience. 


Do I have to have a business idea already? 

No, absolutely not.  You just need to be interested in running a business using your knowledge, expertise, experience or life skills. 

By the end of the day you will definitely have some ideas that you will be excited about and want to progress.  It's a very inspiring event! 


What if I'm working and haven't started a business yet? 

That's fine.  The event is applicable to you because women often work at their plans for a business in the evenings and weekends whilst still earning an income. This can obviously be helpful because it strengthens your financial position in the preparation and launch period of your new business.  


I'm not sure what kind of business I want to run. Should I come? 

Absolutely.  Often we need to be in a different and creative environment to generate and identify the best ideas. You'll be with others in similar situations so I'm sure it will be worthwhile and even you may even get a breakthrough you weren't expecting! 


I'm uncertain if I have any expertise to run a business, should I come? 

Many women worry that they may not have the skills to run a business.  Many don't know the skills they need.  On the day I will be telling you exactly what you need to do and helping you decide if it is the right way forward for you.  If I don't think it is I will tell you. 


I can't make the date but would like to come.   What should I do?

Lots of women email us all the time to say they can't make the published date.  We only run this exclusive event several times a year.  

We know everyone leads busy lives but this is about your future so we hope you'll prioritise attendance.  However, if you really cannot make the date it's worth dropping me a personal email at to discuss other options. 


How far away are you from the station? 

We are a short taxi ride from Colchester Station.  You'll get joining instructions in advance. 


How far are you from Stansted airport? 

We are about 40 minutes' drive away.  If you need local airport taxi details please let us know. You'll get joining instructions in advance. 


Is there ample parking? 

Yes, we have sufficient parking on site. 


How easy is the venue to find?

The venue is offices in the grounds of a private country house.  It is easy to find and full joining instructions will be sent to you after you register. 


What if my plans change and I can't attend? 

If you cannot attend you forfeit the ticket.  However, if you let us know before the day of the event we are prepared to hold it over to the next event. 


How many women will be at the event? 

Usually there are about 7 women attending.  We like to keep event a small and inclusive experience. Numbers may vary slightly but usually no more than 10. 


What are the times of the event? 

The event starts at 10.00 and finishes at 4.30.  We have a short lunch break, with a light buffet provided by us. Please let us know of any dietary requirements. 


Can I record the event on my iphone or other device? 

No, sorry, we protect our intellectual property and any electronic recording by delegates is strictly

prohibited.  However, we provide pads and pens for note-taking. 


Are there any access issues? 

No.  However if you have any special needs at all for this event, please let us know in advance so that we can cater for these. 


Tell me more about you? 

I'm the UK's leading expert in helping women over 50 start and grow their expert based businesses.  I founded The BoomBoss in 2016 to enable women over 50 achieve business and lifestyle success and I created the BoomBoss Manifesto to empower them to get the second bite of the cherry. Already over 5,600 women like you have joined my private Facebook Group BoomBoss: Expert Women In Business.


I've also been running my award-winning learning and development consultancy for 30 years.  I've 30 years' experience in people and business development. I've helped more than 50,000 people in the UK and internationally.  

My achievements include Better Business Awards, Finalist of one of the Businesswoman of the Year competitions and Winner of an Education and Lifelong Learning Award.  


I'm a regular contributor to professional and business magazines and journals, have been featured on the BBC and am in demand for speaking engagements throughout the country. I've been recently featured in the Daily Express, The Huffington Post and Woman and Home. I'm also author of the book "New Manager Secrets" published in 2016. I'm a graduate of Warwick University, have numerous post graduate qualifications and am Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I'm married with 3 adult kids, 4 dogs and a Horse called Harvey!