The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide To Expert Success

How to Use The P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. Method

To Grow Quickly To A 6 Figure Business

For Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, Speakers, Consultants, Therapists, Advisers and Specialists…Who offer their skills, expertise, experience and knowledge on and offline….

The P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. Method is the fastest route for women over 50 who want to turn their expertise into 6 figure businesses. 

If you are a woman over 50 who is running (or wants to run) a business in the expert space….


…then I want to introduce you to the P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. Method. The method works specifically for women over 50 who are starting or growing businesses using their existing skills base. This allows you to quickly establish yourself as the go to expert and authority in your chosen field… and grow your business to 6 figures in the shortest possible time


This means that you will be able to grow and monetise your target audience, magnetically attract quality leads into your business and have a proven system to turn those leads into loyal clients.


The methodology enables to you to grow your business as quickly and easily as possible, without you having to acquire further qualifications, use sleazy sales techniques or advanced techie skills!


P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. stands for Positioning, Authority, Speaker, Social, Products, Opportunities, Resources and Tribe. Watch the video below to get started learning how they work together to create your very own business using your existing skills, expertise, experience and knowledge…

The P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. Method For
Expert-based Business Success

Ali’s P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. method gives you clarity so you know where to start and a route to follow.  It’s like a compass and removes all the uncertainty about what to focus on and when

Carolyn Grinsted.  HR Specialist


You Need To Have 8 Key Things In Place

In a really good specific route map to take you from start up to unstoppable

1. Your Positioning Is Key: Having clarity is one of the most important elements from the get go.  It’s vital to find the right viable business for you, and your personal story that makes you unique.  You must avoid being a generalist and instead position yourself in a niche.  This means establishing and differentiating your expertise so you can stand out from the competition.  The MAGNETIC ATTRACTION MAP is your compass.

2. A method to attract the right clients/customers: You need to have a way to turn strangers into loyal fans who will continue to buy from you. The secret is to establish yourself as not only an expert, but the leading authority in the field with a captivating brand and work out who your ideal avatar is who’ll benefit from your expertise.  You make yourself a limited edition, commanding top fees, with a unique proposition, so you become the go-to person of choice for the right group of clients. The LIMITED EDITION PLANNER enables you to achieve this.

3. Actions to increase your visibility You will need the eyeballs on you everywhere. Experts are sought after as speakers.  The challenge is getting your speaker profile together and getting known in the right places by the right people. After a few engagements you can get your visibility ball rolling.  And there’s always the option to run your own events and make those all-important sales from the stage.  The SPEAK TO SELL ACTION PLAN helps you design your speaker profile and get the limelight you need deserve.

4.  Knowing how to use organic social media across different platforms is essential for effectively raising your profile and increasing your following.  Being relevant, valuable  AND Visible to your target audience and being able to help them solve their specific problems and challenges.  Add to this your presence on the right social media channels in your SOCIAL SET UP SYSTEM and you have a winning combination.

5.  Beginning with the end in mind is important.  You don’t want to find that you can’t scale your business later once it’s growing well. Super important is the flexibility and ability to scale.  Otherwise you will become the proverbial hamster on the wheel and it will be challenging to scale and increase your income. If you don’t have ways to have recurring revenue, you’ll hit a ceiling and likely suffer burnout. The ASSETS ACCELERATOR enables you to leverage your products and services to generate leads as well as recurring income, evergreen systems and scale.

6.  Understanding how to maximise opportunities is essential to grow your business. Networking on and offline, building connections, relationships and contacts is a must to get the growth you deserve.  You can’t get the exposure you need without reaching out to others.  To build your network you’ll need the VISIBILITY ROUTE MAP to learn how to benefit from joint ventures, affiliates, and other important ways of extending your reach.

7.  One of the secrets to growing and even scaling your business is having an effective way to achieve more in less time. That doesn’t have to mean working harder and ever longer hours.  To expand and at the same time protecting your wellbeing you need strategies for getting the most out of your resources. These include sales and marketing techniques, both online and offline. The SUCCESS ELEVATOR gives you the must-have strategies and tactics to stay in your superpower and maximise resources and output simultaneously!

8.  Growing and nurturing your Tribe is a constant.  It’s the fundamental human part of running a business and should never be overlooked.  Put it like this.  It’s where the magic can happen. Imagine, you as the go-to person with a loyal community of followers eager to buy in to your products and services because of the transformations you can help them achieve. The TRUST AND TRIBE BUILDER reveals the secrets of authentically building your tribe, the importance of social proof and key steps for maintaining a community.

“I've just got access to this amaing resource.  It's very comprehensive and just what I need.  It allows me to work through the areas where I am weak and pick and choose in the areas where I am stronger. I have set a timetable and am now clear on what to focus on.

Mandy Williams. Entreprenuer and former CEO.


I help Women Over 50 turn their skills, expertise, experience and knowledge into 6 figure business.


After 30 years running my own businesses, I’ve been there and done that. 


I’ve helped hundreds of women set up and grow expert-based businesses.


I’ve enabled them to get the second bite of the cherry, to become their own CEO at work and play. 


Finally you can have the lifestyle you deserve, with time, location and income control.  And the self-fulfilment that comes from sharing your expertise and making a difference.


I founded the BoomBoss® Movement and Manifesto for like-minded women, just like you - the new you going forwards.


A BoomBoss® is a woman over 50 who is in control of her own destiny, schedule, priorities and lifestyle. 


She's her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent. 

We Are #BoomBosses

Since the coaching calls we noticed our sales increasing and we generated 3x more sales over the Christmas period than the year before.

Jayne Hill

PrettyPash Company


I've spent a hugely productive day with Ali Miles-Jenkins learning what I need to focus on to get my new business out there and thriving. I have learnt so much and still have day 2 to go. So glad I invested my time and money to become a private client. The content is immense #superexcited. 


It was lovely to be greeted by Teddy & little Pickle each day. The two days certainly were intense, so much covered to bring focus to my ideas. Have already learnt a lot from the subsequent "testing" process and have 2 people already booked on to the 6 in 6 trial x so pleased I took the plunge and booked as a private client. Definitely worth the investment in my future self x


Nona Bow


My feet haven’t touched the ground since I got back from the two days with you…the financial projections we worked out for 2019 have already been exceeded and it’s only January!  


I’ve secured a 2 page article in the Institute of Hospitality magazine.  I’ve been asked to work along ie the Anaphylaxis Campaign…I’m being recommended as the University Allergy Expert.  Have secured future workshops, training and accreditation.   Delighted that JACS ltd has now been approved to deliver HABC Level 2 and HABC Level 3 Food Allergen certified courses.    Thank you Ali for all your expert knowledge.


Jacqui McPeake

I have just completed my catch-up call with Ali as a private Boomboss client. Prior to the call, I had doubts about whether I was doing the right thing in starting my own business. On speaking to Ali, any doubts or concerns were immediately removed and I was reminded of the personal reasons that had led  me to move forward with this.


We discussed my options for promoting the business, possible contacts and an opportunity to speak at a dental conference. We also discussed preparing a plan for the next few months and noting what had been achieved.  Ali motivates and gives you confidence, she inspires and makes you believe in yourself. Clear direction is given using a step-by-step approach which encourages you to focus on your goals. Knowing that Ali is there to support me all the way really pushes me to succeed.


If you are not already a private client I would really recommend that you apply, you will not regret it.


Hazel Adams

Thank you so much for today. Wow what a day. Definitely one to remember.


So excited. This is more of a long term plan than I expected.


But far more focused, professional and set up for success than I ever imagined.  I already know how wrong it could of gone. Can’t thank you enough. 


Terry Fox



Thank you Ali Miles-Jenkins for 2 intensive and powerful days!


Having felt I was in the wilderness in terms of my direction, focus and capabilities due to an injury that took me out of the workplace for over 3 years, I finally feel I know where I want and can go!


No more floundering aimlessly trying to do everything very generically! I now have clarity of what I want to do and what to focus on to make it happen! Thank you for your insights, vision, experience and practicality.


Loved working with you and hope to call you a great friend now! Thank you once again 😊


Poonam Kanwar


I just wanted to say a personal thank you for your time last week. 


It was an invaluable two days spent with you as a private client at your office in Colchester.  I really feel that I now have a solid strategy to grow my business which I don’t think I had before.  I had a number of things which I wanted to get out of the two days including, guidance on the website, developing my personal passport, developing my unique offer and advice on how I grow the business through social media, all of which I can honestly say I achieved with your help.  I am not sure I could of done this without you or if I did it would have taken me a lot longer to get there.


I love your energy, enthusiasm and sheer determination to help your clients succeed and this was more than evident on the two days we spent together.  It was money well spent learning from the best!


Julie Abbott

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