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I loved the Voxer coaching system and being able to talk, leave a message and you'd get back to me with an answer almost straight away!

Caroline Burkett

Sparkle Again Therapy

Since the coaching calls we noticed our sales increasing and we generated 3x more sales over the Christmas period than the year before.

Jayne Hill

PrettyPash Company


I've spent a hugely productive day with Ali Miles-Jenkins learning what I need to focus on to get my new business out there and thriving. I have learnt so much and still have day 2 to go. So glad I invested my time and money to become a private client. The content is immense #superexcited. 


It was lovely to be greeted by Teddy & little Pickle each day. The two days certainly were intense, so much covered to bring focus to my ideas. Have already learnt a lot from the subsequent "testing" process and have 2 people already booked on to the 6 in 6 trial x so pleased I took the plunge and booked as a private client. Definitely worth the investment in my future self x


Nona Bow


My feet haven’t touched the ground since I got back from the two days with you…the financial projections we worked out for 2019 have already been exceeded and it’s only January!  


I’ve secured a 2 page article in the Institute of Hospitality magazine.  I’ve been asked to work along ie the Anaphylaxis Campaign…I’m being recommended as the University Allergy Expert.  Have secured future workshops, training and accreditation.   Delighted that JACS ltd has now been approved to deliver HABC Level 2 and HABC Level 3 Food Allergen certified courses.    Thank you Ali for all your expert knowledge.


Jacqui McPeake

I have just completed my catch-up call with Ali as a private Boomboss client. Prior to the call, I had doubts about whether I was doing the right thing in starting my own business. On speaking to Ali, any doubts or concerns were immediately removed and I was reminded of the personal reasons that had led  me to move forward with this.


We discussed my options for promoting the business, possible contacts and an opportunity to speak at a dental conference. We also discussed preparing a plan for the next few months and noting what had been achieved.  Ali motivates and gives you confidence, she inspires and makes you believe in yourself. Clear direction is given using a step-by-step approach which encourages you to focus on your goals. Knowing that Ali is there to support me all the way really pushes me to succeed.


If you are not already a private client I would really recommend that you apply, you will not regret it.


Hazel Adams

Thank you so much for today. Wow what a day. Definitely one to remember.


So excited. This is more of a long term plan than I expected.


But far more focused, professional and set up for success than I ever imagined.  I already know how wrong it could of gone. Can’t thank you enough. 


Terry Fox

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My guarantee: If you apply and get accepted to become one of my private clients or coaching clients, you are covered by my BoomBoss guarantee. If by the morning of the first private client day you don't feel the programme is for you, I will refund your money. If you decided to become a coaching client instead, if by the first call you've not been blown away by the value and information you receive within the first 30 minutes, I will refund your money.


Thank you for every piece of advice over the last 2 days.  


A big thank you for all those lovely doggy cuddles I was allowed to have.


I will sleep well tonight!!


Looking forward to moving on now with my business


Michelle Bacon


Just had the most amazing 1-1 coaching session with Ali Miles-Jenkins. It is so inspiring having my sessions with her. 


Very very intense session. When I get home after my 1 to 1s, I never know whether I need to lie down in a darkened room with a flannel on my head to recover. Or to just get cracking and implement every single one of Ali's points before bedtime. Guess which one I'll be doing! Ali sure does know how to ignite that passion we all have for our businesses! 


Kate Cole

Some Of My Private Clients With Whom I've Worked To Help Them Start Or Grow Their Business Over The Last 9 Months

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