Kim, my friend, was such an inspiration that I wanted to set up an opportunity in her memory to help other women who have experienced some of what she went through.

She was so full of life that I know she would encourage others to follow their calling. 


So in memory of Kim: 


K.I.M. stands for ‘Keep In Momentum’, 
representing a positive mindset, a desire to keep moving ahead, making the most of our lives and the opportunities there for the taking.


K.I.M. is my unique offer to some very special women only


Any woman over 50 who wants to start or grow a business and who has had cancer can join my online programme “6 Weeks To Expert Success” completely for free. This is worth £399 for the online resources.


If that’s you, all you need to do is to contact me, and I’ll organise the free access and support for you.

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